The American Journal of Pain is dedicated to removing bureaucrats, charlatans, lobbyists, hacks, incompetents, frauds, politicians, profiteers, and quacks from the treatment of pain in the United States of America... and to restoring common sense, compassion, confidentiality, fairness, liberty, privacy, sanity, and sensibility to the practice of medicine and the patient/doctor relationship.

We shall see.

American Medical Association's June 2020 Letter to CDC re: Legislation/Politicization/Weaponization of CDC's Opioid Guideline Leading to Active Harm of Patients, Prayer for Recognition of Illicit (Non-Prescription) Nature of "Opioid Crisis" and Corresponding Release of CDC MMWR Data Demonstrating Overwhelming Percentage of Overdoses an Unprecipitated Result of Illicit Substance Use

Mission Scope

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